Weekend Trip to Chatham, Massachusetts

The miles of pristine white sand and beaches at Chatham are calling out to you to enjoy a day at the beach, swimming, stretching with yoga or even surf casting. Summers are so much better when enjoying a short weekend trip with your family, friends or beloved. This is why Chatham is one of the most popular and favourite vacation spots for most people in Boston.

Chatham is your homeport to the ocean to enjoy boating and swimming. If you are an avid Sportfisherman or Boater or if you like to call yourself a water baby, Outermost Harbor Marine’s “Master Mariner Program” is for you. You can learn so much more about the local waters? Learn the ins and outs or your marine electronics, become more familiar with your boat’s systems, or fine-tune your docking and boat handling skills.

If you love to explore the oceans from a distance and with minimal adventure then you can book a cruise on one of our Seal Tours to view the playful seals or watch them follow the fishing fleet into the Chatham Fish Pier.


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Distance: Two hours by car

Destination type: City

Attractions: Chatham Lighthouse Beach, Chatham Lighthouse, Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge, Maps of Antiquity, Chatham Marconi Maritime Center

Activities: Biking, hiking, surfing, swimming, boating, beach activities, golfing, sports, sightseeing.

Restaurants: Blue Coral Seaside Cuisine & Spirits, Bluefins Sushi & Sake Bar, Captain’s Table, Certo’s Trattoria, Chatham Bars Inn, Del Mar Bar & Bistro

Hotels: The Carriage House Inn, The Chatham Wayside Inn, Chatham Motel.

Chatham is boasts of beautiful scenery which can be seen by the Conservation and Preservation areas, and the many Nature Trails and Parks. There are a wide range of Scenic Landmarks which are well worth a casual stroll on a sunny afternoon.

Enjoy the summer Band Concerts that serve as a wonderful addition to the sounds of Chatham. For baseball lovers the city has got excitement for you! Veterans Field in Chatham is the home park of the Chatham Anglers (Chatham A’s) which happens to be one of 10 teams in the widely known Cape Cod Baseball League.

Chatham has the loveliest paths, roads and off the beaten path areas bike lovers to ride by and see. There are many Youth Activities held in Chatham for teens and kids. The city has by far the most beautiful golf courses overlooking the Atlantic for the lovers of golf. Though they can be pretty challenging but they are totally worth it.

And if you are the kind of person who is not too much into physical activities and who enjoys exploring historic monuments and musems then you will be entertained too. Chatham boasts of some of the best preserved and well-maintained historic houses and monuments. That is how Chatham won the 2007 Distinctive Destinations Award by the National Trust for Historic Preservation!

All the buildings and homes on every street and corner of the city display the Historic Preservation efforts by the Town and Residents. Get a Map and take a tour of the Chatham History!

Sit back and relax and have a comforting stay at the beautiful hotels. Get your spa and massages to get rejuvenated and reenergised.


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